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​​​BMHS Athletic Association 

​Application Now Available

Class of 2021 Scholarship Information

 2020 BMHSAA Scholarship Recipients:

Jordan Boudrot
Thomas Dinsmore
Samantha Gallagher

Jeffrey Davis
Rachel Hornsby
Cooper Glennon
Brianna Martini
Jonathan Bragg
Michael Bragg
Kayleen McCormack
Brooke Larson
Marissa McDonald
Isabella Tassone
Emmy Burns
Timothy Smiglis
Garrett Climo
Mikayla Trehane
Taylor Gibson
Shawn Colby
Nick Gaultieri

The BMHSAA scholarship application can now be found on Naviance.

Applications must be received by (NOT postmarked by) Friday, 4/2 to be eligible to receive a scholarship.

Other requirements to receive a scholarship are:

- Completion of two or more years of a varsity or JV sport
- Have a membership (in good standing) with the BMHSAA
- Submit a letter of recommendation from a BMHS teacher (not guidance counselor)
- Submit a letter of recommendation from a BMHS coach

Good Luck!