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Partial-Year Volunteer Roles
Team Representative: The Team Representative is the face of the BMHSAA for each team (27 teams, 9 per season). This role interacts with student-athletes, coaches, and other BMHSAA members to help carry out the mission of the association. Team Reps are responsible for presenting BMHSAA information to parents, collecting money for association fundraisers (cash card, Seasonal Sports Bundle ad) and turning money into Treasurer for verification, coordinating senior night activities, and organizing award night material.
Full-Year Volunteer Roles
Cash Card Director: Responsible for the set-up, printing, and organizing of three seasonal cash card sales. Coordinates distribution of cash cards to Team Representatives. Tracks results of cash card sales and works with Treasurer to ensure collected money is properly accounted for according to procedures outlined by the Treasurer. Maintains books of prizes and coordinates the prize drawings videos by BMHS student-athletes. Oversees the distribution of prizes to winners. (May possibly be two-person position depending on number of cash card raffles conducted during the year).

Concession Stand Director: Manages the concession stand at BMHS during home varsity football events. Orders necessary food, recruits staff to help at stand, and maintains necessary ServeSafe certifications. Ensures collected money is properly accounted according to procedures outlined by the Treasurer.

Events Director: Spearheads all activities related to BMHSAA fundraising events. The director secures the venue, event manager, and other sponsors as needed. Works with BMHSAA team members to coordinate the set-up, promotion, and management of the event. Ensures collected event money is properly accounted according to procedures outlined by the Treasurer.

BMHS Athletic Association Sponsorship Director: Reaches out to area businesses for sponsorships of various activities of the BMHSAA. Maintains spreadsheet of sponsor and donors. Sends thank you letters with ad copies, program book sample and other forms of recognition to sponsors. Works with Website Director to ensure sponsors/donors are listed on the BMHSAA site. Works with Sports Program Director to ensure that sponsor ads are placed in the books.

Seasonal Sports Program Director: Designs three seasonal sports programs that act as a fundraising tool for the BMHSAA and keepsake for student-athletes. This role works with the Team Representatives to ensure each team is properly represented, the Team Picture Director to obtain appropriate photos, and the Sponsorship Director to confirm all business ads are included.

Volunteer Director: Responsible for adding all volunteer opportunities to website through sign-up genius. Tracks all volunteer hours for parent members and student-athletes. Sends letters of service hours for students as needed.

Website Director: Manages all aspects of the BMHSAA website including redesign, updates, and general maintenance. The Website Director works with the appropriate vendors to maintain web address and other accounts such as Paypal. Works with other members to update photos, sponsors, links and content in a timely manner.

BMHS Athletic Association In-kind Donation Coordinator: Assists Sponsorship Director with outreach to larger businesses (via online forms) for in-kind donations of gift certificates, promotional items, and other services to use as raffle prizes.

Spirit Gear Coordinator: Maintains inventory of spirit gear sales at various events. Adds sales to inventory and alerts e-board of low counts. Maintains relationship with vendors and orders items as needed.

Three-Letter Jacket Coordinator: Works with Athletic Director and Coaches to verify those athletes eligible to receive a three-letter jacket. Maintains a spreadsheet of athletes who receive jackets and keeps an inventory of jackets in the appropriate sizes. Seeks vendors for most cost-effective production of jackets.

T-Shirt Coordinator: Works with the Sports Representatives to get the number of t-shirts for each sport in the appropriate sizes for each athlete. Contacts the association vendor to order shirts and distributes them to sports representatives for awards night.

Varsity Letter & Pin Coordinator: Tracks the athletes that attain varsity status. Maintains inventory and letters and pins for each sport. Works with sports representative to get the appropriate numbers for each varsity athlete and updates the inventory.

Individual Volunteer Opportunities 50/50 Raffle Sales: Volunteers are needed to sell 50/50 raffle tickets at home varsity sporting events.

Playoff Football  11/6/2023 and 11/10/2023