​​​BMHS Athletic Association 

Volunteer Hours Available

  Requirements to receive a scholarship are:
- Completion of two or more years of a varsity or JV sport
- Have a membership (in good standing) with the BMHSAA
- Submit a letter of recommendation from a BMHS teacher (not guidance counselor)
- Submit a letter of recommendation from a BMHS coach

Applications deadline: April 12th 2024
Good Luck!

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Items Currently Available
(just reach out to any board member or look for our table at some of the home games)

(If you would like to sell merchandise at other games for volunteer hours just let us know)

Class of 2024 Scholarship Information

Bounced Check Policy

Any check issued to the BMHS Athletic Association (BMHSAA) that is returned for any reason will result in a $25.00 returned check fee (per returned check) charged to the family of the student-athlete. The initial payment along with the returned check fee must be paid in cash, bank check or money order. The BMHSAA reserves the right to refuse checks as payment from individuals who bounce a check with the organization.

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2023-2024 Sponsors

​​BMHSAA BYLAW AMENDMENT (in white Italic) (adopted 11/7/22)
III. Membership
b. Requirements for Association membership in good standing: 

     1. Annual Family Dues paid in full (waived for officers, Varsity Team Representatives,  designated activity coordinators)  

     2. Attend a minimum of one (1) BMHSAA monthly meeting per season (starting for class of 2027: if you have an athlete that is playing a sport that season, starting for class of 2027)

​     3. All volunteer obligations met.